Is it possible to "lose" a healing? If so, how should I respond?

We have found that occasionally people who experience authentic healing in their body (e.g. recovery of sight and hearing) can after a period of days and weeks begin to “lose” some of their healing (e.g, hearing/vision loss). How do we explain this? 

First, we must always remember that since healing is mysterious to us, we don’t have all of the answers. We are not always going to know why some get healed, why some do not, and why some maintain their healing and others do not. At the same time, we do know that the enemy has come to steal, kill, and destroy (Jn 10:10). Therefore, we should not be surprised if the Devil tries to steal a healing. In following-up with people who claim to have lost healings, we have found that many, though not all, admitted they gave into doubt as to whether or not Jesus really healed them and that after experiencing this doubt is when they experienced the loss of their healings. The parable of the seed and sower is instructive here. If the word of healing doesn’t find a place to land in the heart of the believer, the Devil can come and eat the seed that falls on the path. 

Second, it must be said that too often people claim to have received an authentic healing, when in fact they did not. They simply wanted it to be true and were in denial of their condition afterwards. These are much easier to detect as there is no real change of their condition before or after prayer. While we don’t understand everything, we do know that if we receive what God does for us in faith, we have a better chance of remaining in the grace of healing given by Jesus.

Finally, if you have experienced the loss of an authentic healing, do not be discouraged. God loves to bring restoration. We encourage you to watch this clip by Dr. Mary Healy on how we can respond with great faith to lost healings. 

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