Don't you need the gift of healing or prophecy in order to be used by God to give prophetic words or heal the sick?

No. To have a charism does not mean that you can perform a given activity but others without it can’t perform it at all. Rather, having a charism means that God has given a person the ability to perform an activity or deed with unusual frequency and effectiveness. For example, not all have the charism of teaching, but all can teach in some way (e.g., all parents teach their children). Not all have the charism of administration, but everyone can and must do some administration (at least of their own life!). Likewise with prophecy and healing. God can use ordinary Christians in extraordinary ways by means of faith, even if he uniquely equips some Christians with special charisms for his purposes. Moreover, in our school of ministry we have found that not only can God grant new charisms for those who seek them, we have also seen disciples grow and mature in their ability to use the charisms that God grants through developing our understanding of how to cooperate with his grace and through practice.

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