When do I meet online for Zoom Rooms?

When you fill out the application, you will specify which day of the week you prefer for the online Zoom Room group meeting. Once you decide on a day/time, you’re locked into that day/time for the remainder of the academic year.

Options for Zoom Room times are as follows:


  • Tuesday: 1PM (EST)
  • Tuesday: 7PM (EST)
  • Tuesday: 9PM (EST)
  • Wednesday: 1PM (EST)
  • Wednesday: 7PM (EST)
  • Thursday: 1PM (EST)
  • Thursday: 7PM (EST)
  • Thursday: 9PM (EST)
  • Friday: 11AM (EST)


  • Tuesday 1PM (EST)
  • Tuesday 7PM (EST)
  • Wednesday 1PM (EST)
  • Friday 1PM (EST)


  • Wednesdays (7:00pm France / 1:00pm Quebec)
  • Thursdays (7:00pm France / 1:00pm Quebec)

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